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Jet Fuel

SLCOJet Fuel is a type of aviation fuel designed for use in jet-engined aircraft.

The most common fuel is an unleaded/paraffin oil-based fuel classified as JET A-1, which is produced to an internationally standardized set of specifications. In the United States only, a version of JET A-1 known as JET A is also used.

The only other jet fuel that is commonly used in civilian aviation is called JET B. JET B is a fuel in the naptha-kerosene region that is used for its enhanced cold-weather performance. However, JET B's lighter composition makes it more dangerous to handle, and it is thus restricted only to areas where its cold-weather characteristics are absolutely necessary.


Flash point
Auto-ignition temperature
Freezing point
Open air burning temperatures
Maximum burning temperature
Density at 15 °C (60 °F)
-47°C (-40°C for JET A)
260-315°C (500-599°F)
980°C (1796 °F)
0.775-0.840 kg/L