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Our Environment

Whether you choose to believe in divine internevtion or evolution, fossil fuels has been in the making for millions of years. Often considered or called black liquid gold, crude oil and its susbsequent products has become a major part of our lives.

And like most like vices in life, it can be very detrimental. We are looking at alternatives to using fossil fuel, bio fuels have become the new buzz on the market. Unfortunately, mankind is always opposed to change, and this would be a major overhaul on a global scale, with us introducing lead free petrol we have taken a step in the right direction, but we still emitting harmful carbons into the atmosphere. Climate change is proof of this. The UAE had one of its severest winters in 30 years, Cape Town, South Africa, saw snow on Table Mountain during its winter of 2005, London had one of severest summer heat waves in modern day history, glacier fields are disappearing as the global temperatures are in increasing by the degrees, coincidence? I think not!

We have taken from mother earth, and she has given us plenty. But have we been thankful enough, this has to in the history of the universe one of the greatest planets to exist in the solar system. Gliese 581c has been discovered in about 20 light years away from Earth and bares similarities to Home, but who of us will live to find out if we could inhabit this new planet, certainly not us or possibly the next generation of you and me, but do we have to go to the extent of having to relocate to a new planet, as we are slowly destroying this one.

ME Petroleum is focused on the selling of crude oil and its products but we are too very concerned about the impact we have on the environment in doing so. And we are taking the initiative in exploring Bio Fuels as a replacement. We thus invite proposals in our quest to give back to mother Earth and her environment.